The Grand Erector

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The Grand Erector: Complete

October 2008
Andy Wilson
  • Andy Wilson
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Private release. CD-R in mini DVD case with full colour cover and label. Contains all of the material prepared for The Grand Erector project, including that not used on the LP version

Release Notes

A limited edition release for those who contributed to The Grand Erector project. The source recordings for this project were contributed by invited members of the Faust mailing list and a few other friends. These contributions were then dismantled, processed and remixed, before being reassembled to make the album. In most cases the tracks were created by combining material from several sources, though some lean heavily on a single contributor. Recorded and Mixed in London, 2008, by Andy Wilson. The LP version of the release contained only a few of the tracks prepared during the project, and this CD was created in order to collect all of the material that had been produced.


Alan Holmes (Ectogram, Parking Non Stop), Zoë Skoulding (Parking Non Stop), Maeyc Hewitt (Ectogram), Alex O’Shea, Ann Matthews (Ectogram), Steve Pittis (Band of Pain), Ben Tinker (That Hideous Strength), J.S. Adams (BLK w/ BEAR), Dane Johnson, Gustavo Jobim, Jean-Hervé Peron (Faust), Jim Bowers, Ian Morrison, Jim Donnelly, Ken Hyder (K-Space), Mike Rowlands, Olivier Manchion (Permanent Fatal Error), Phil Wilson (The June Brides), Richard Fontenoy (Stella Maris Drone Orchestra), Ronny Waernes, Joachim Gaertner (S/T), Martin Brauner (S/T), Steve Fligelstone, Luis Forner (Traummaschine), Paco Gomez (Traummaschine) and Zoltan Pfefer

Track List

1 Zappaesque 2:27
2 Mathraki Complex 18:08
3 Blood For Wine 3:07
4 Bowls 3:07
5 Basho 2:51
6 Interlude 0:13
7 Sand Kali Mix 7:22
8 Wine for Blood 2:01
9 Basic Errors 1:49
10 At Swim Two Birds 15:09
11 Sperm Team 2:41
12 Interlude 1:14
13 Brasov Monkeys 7:38
14 Llanberis 11:48




The cover art features pistures of contributors to the project as well as those who could be said to have influenced the project less directly. They include (from the top left): Olivier Manchion (Ulan Bator), Alan Holmes (Ectogram), Brion Gysin, Ronny Waernes, Aleister Crowley, Ian Morrisson, Michele Bernstein, Mark Strong (The Long Firm), Hegel, Geoff Leigh, Richard Attenborough (Brighton Rock), Edgard Varese, ?, Emmy Hennings, Maeyc Hewitt (Ectogram), Jean Hervé Peron (Faust), Jim Donnelly, Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins, ?, Joachim Gaertner (S/T), James Bolam (The Likely Lads), James Joyce, Dr Faustus, The Grand Erector, Alex / Malcolm MacDowell (A Clockwork Orange), Jim 'Art Bear' Adams, Godiva, Tim Roth (Made in England), Zoot Horn Rollo, William Blake, Olivier Coiffard & Jean Hervé Peron, Ann Matthews (Ectogram), eye, Richard Fontenoy, Jean-Michel Mension (The Tribe), Steerfpike (Gormenghast), Sergiu Celibidache, Anton Webern, Iancu Dumitrescu, ?, Steve Pittis (Band of Pain), Bill Dixon, Elvin Jones, Sun Ra, Martin Brauner (S/T), Phil WIlson (June Brides), Ken Hyder (KSpace), Ectogram, Cecil Taylor, Zoe Skoulding (Parking Non Stop), John Dee, ?, Sophie Clare, Grok, Graham Bond, Wyndham Lewis, Arthur Cravan, Harry Partch, S/T, Lord Byron.