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Monday, 19-Apr-2021 12:19:20 MST

Industrial Estate

Distant Heat
Nicky Brown
  • Andy Wilson
  • Mark Weavers (B)
500 copies

Release Notes

Industrial Estate was recorded on cassette at a live, solo performance by RBE / Andy Wilson on the 13th March 1982 to an invited audience at the Territorial Army Hall, Weymouth. A Knot was recorded on four track equipment on 9th October 1982.at Badger Studios, Weymouth. This was the first time RBE recorded in the studio as a duo, and the only time RBE recorded with Mark Weavers. The track was created directly onto tape without prior planning or organisation and was mixed immediately after the recording. Mark Weavers played bass and zither on this track, and provided the abbatoir location recording.

Track List

A Industrial Estate 14:57
B A Knot 14:53

2009 Interview - Extract

"... Others I worked with at different times included... Mark Weavers (who) appears on the track A Knot, which was the B side of the Industrial Estate album, playing a zither I'd set up with a series of electronic treatments. He also played a bass on the original studio recording, but that was gone in the final mix other than the very final note on the recording... As far as I remember, Mark only ever played on one RBE track (A Knot). I listed him as a full member of RBE when I made the album because at the time I had plans to work with him again on a permanent basis, and for him to become a full contributing member, but for various reasons we never did work together again, so it's better not to list him as a member of RBE as such but to credit him where he did play. His biggest contribution was to pay for the production of the Industrial Estate LP"

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photos (courtesy Lt Barkley)