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Dub Flack

Sep 1982
Trench Musik Kore
Trench Musik Kore
  • Andy Wilson
Original Cassette release. This was a demo tape that later turned up on this label (see the interview below for details)

Release Notes

16th September 1982: RBE is Andy Wilson using Korg synth and sequencer, bass and violin. This tape has been recorded as 'pop music'. For an example of the usual more extreme music of RBE and LP is available from Mark Weavers, 15 Manor Lane, Maidenhead, Berks, England. For further information on other TRENCH MUSIK KORE projects contact Andrew Anderson, 19 Netherton Street, Harthill, Shots, Lanarkshire, ML7 5SA, Scotland.

Track List

A1 Dub Flack 2:09
A2 Factory Mix 2:06
A3 Scattering Light
A4 Savage Shuffle 3:21
A5 Zen Flesh 1:42
A6 Peace At Last 1:57
A7 Song For Robert 2:18
A8 Faith 2:10
A9 Blue Mix 1:49
A10 Thrash
A11 A.80 1.06
A12 Red Sun II
A13 Black Poppy 3:28
B1 On His Chest 14:28

2009 Interview - Extract

"I was surrounded by Jamaican music as a teenager. So as well as the contemporary industrial groups I was also really into the way Jamaican producers used the studio. I think that had a big influence on the sound I eventually made in terms of the prominence of rhythm and bass. Some of the RBE tracks sound obviously influenced by reggae, in terms of rhythm, but even the tracks that don't sound that way were still influenced by producers like Lee Perry. I also liked the way that Perry worked with basically popular, simple tunes and rhythms - I never liked the idea that electronic music should be deliberately difficult or obscure. I mean, I don't mind if it is really difficult in the sense of being so unusual that it's hard to get used to, but I always thought that it didn't have to set out to be that way. Anyway, in a lot of RBE recordings you can hear that the underlying idea is really simple - sometimes it's even a tune, but anyway it's always simple in some way. I never had a problem with that...

... this was actually a bootleg. As it happens this was a very nice bootleg indeed, with better presentation quality than my own releases, I think, but a bootleg all the same – the guys who did it just took some tracks from a demo tape I'd sent them and released them. Calling it a bootleg probably gives the wrong idea – I don't want to imply that I was anything other than pleased when I discovered that someone was recirculating my music."

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