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"Wilson’s projects appear in limited quantities but are well worth investigating. They reveal historical awareness, musical sensibility and an uncompromising penchant for exploration and invention, making each project interesting and musically satisfying." - Marc Medwin

"Art is a pharmaceutical product for imbeciles" - Francis Picabia

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The Site

This site collects together information about the (largely) musical activities of electronic musician Andy Wilson, who has worked under the names RBE, Raudive Bunker Experiment, sunseastar, The Grand Erector and as a member of Bourbonese Qualk, as well as collaborating with other groups and individuals at various times. The site was created using a text editor. It is hosted somewhere inside Darq Networks.

Purchasing / Barbelo

I have tried to provide links to online stores where you can buy various recordings. If any of the links don't work for you or you have better leads, let me know via. Barbelo Records. Unless noted otherwise, most of the items available from Barbelo are CD-Rs. They come with in mini-DVD cases with full colour labels and artwork, some of them also have inserts, etc.

Sunseastar vs. The Grand Erector

'Sunseastar' was the name of the first location recording / remix project by Andy Wilson and Simon Crab. Subsequently the name was used for solo recordings in the same vein by Andy. 'The Grand Erector' was originally the name of the Faust list project that produced The Grand Erector album and The Grand Erector (Complete) CD. Since then the 'sunseastar' moniker has generally been used to designate projects revolving around location recordings, while 'The Grand Erector' has been used for projects more focussed on sources other than location recordings. However, there are some inconsistencies - none of which should be taken to imply any deeper meaning. That's just how it worked out.

Interview with Andy Wilson

Stefan Bremner conducted an interview with Andy Wilson for the RBE box set. You can read the full interview, which is also included in the box set booklet.


Pierre Schaeffer, Iancu Dumitrescu, Franco Evangelisti, Arsenije Jovanovic, Douglas Quin, Chris Watson, Bill Dixon, Henri Pousseur, Luc Ferrari, David Dunn, To Live and Shave in L.A., Francois Bayle, Varése, Ligeti, Henry Cow, Francis Dhomont, The Hafler Trio, Denis Dufour, Biota, Frank Zappa, 16-17